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April 2, 2010

Spring is finally here and there is a lot of action at Flying Horse Farm!

On March 6, Becca trailered Lilly, Max, Apollo and Alyson Baber’s event horse, Chance, down to Southern Pines, NC were they spent the next 10 days taking advantage of the warm weather and amazing riding facilities! Zoe and Lancelot also joined Becca on the trip. Everyone stayed at Mile Away Farm which sits adjacent to the Walter Moss Foundation – a fabulous 4,000 acre reserve for horseback riding and fox-hunting.

The farm was in a great location and the crew could hop on their horses and ride to Mike Plumb’s farm for lessons. This was a real highlight of the trip. Mike, who has represented in the USA in 8 Olympic Games, is a genius. He has an uncanny ability to  quickly – and accurately – read a horse and rider and understand what they need to focus on to get better results. In addition to taking lessons with Mike, the crew also watched him teach a lot of lessons which was just as amazing.

Trail riding in the Foundation was amazing – beautiful sandy trails, undulating hills – you could ride forever!

In addition to Mike Plumb, everyone rode with Denny Emerson and Charlie Plumb. Denny’s farm and cross-country jumps were beautiful! He was a huge advocate for rider fitness – and suggested using other forms of aerobic and strength exercises to become more effective riders.

The trip was a huge success and so much fun!

On March 27, Becca, Zoe and Mindy competed in the Blue Goose Farm Combined Test. Becca won her Beginner Novice division with a dressage score of 30, while Mindy and Apollo came in third with a dressage score of 33.8. Zoe and Lancelot won 4th in their Novice division.

Taylor, Crystal and Victoria are eagerly looking forward to schooling cross country later this month at Fair Hill.

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